More about Julie

When my daughter was about to start kindergarten at Vista Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, I couldn't find any up-to-date information on the school's website. I reached out to the principal and offered to help update it. 'Great!' she said. 'Come to a meeting next week and we'll put you to work!'

That meeting was a PTA meeting and to my amazement I had just been "voluntold" that I was appointed to the board as its new web and email coordinator! Thus began 14 years and counting of taking a seat at the table and learning how to help fix shortcomings and address needs for school communities. I've served on PTAs at four VUSD schools, as well as at the Council level.

Through my involvement in PTA, I've found connection, fulfillment, friendship, frustration, and growth. When I was asked to consider running for Trustee of Vista Unified School District in 2019, it seemed a natural progression of my PTA career.